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Painting Partner Program

Paint our products live on social media and show the world your creativity!
We're looking for people who love to paint and want to share their talents with others. Participants in this program will go live in our private Facebook group to paint and complete a Southern Birch Company blank from start to finish. Participants will also need to interact with and answer questions from the community during the live.
As compensation, painters will receive a $25 Southern Birch Company gift card. In addition to the gift card, participants will be paid a 10% commission of all sales of the blank painted in the live that are sold within 7 days of their live. The commission will be added to the $25 gift card and paid out approximately a week after the live takes place.
For example, if the participant paints the Cow Head Blank and Southern Birch Company sells $200 of Cow Head Blanks in the week following the live, the participant would receive an additional $20 added to their payout.
If you want to share your skills, send us an email ( to get started today!

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